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Case Study: Redevelopment

August 23, 2011

Long-standing client Waste Solutions asked us to review their etail website, developed by another agency, because it utilised a catalogue management system that had become clumsy and and difficult to operate.

We analysed the catalogue and turnover and consulted the client on the features they were hoping to add to their operation, frontend and backend, and recommended conversion to Magento for it’s feature-set, robustness, and the ability to start with basic catalogue operations and learn more advanced functionality over time.

We imported all of the catalogue data from the previous website using custom scripts and handlers, reorganised the catalogue and content to make it more usable for both the customer and end-users, developed a fresh new template appropriate for the products offered, and continue to offer support on Magento operation.

LinkedIn Recommendation: “I have no hesitation in recommending Beecher Networks. They are top of the line in their field, always of help, and unique problem solvers. We have worked with each other for over 10 years” Screenshot - Click For Full Size