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Website & Web Application Development

Having developed websites for more than a decade, Beecher Networks is well equipped to advise you on your web strategy, create a website with the exact form and function you need, and train and support you as your needs grow. Our company creates innovative websites with modern designs tailored exactly to your needs and markets.

We can get you started with a simple brochure to market and sell your products and services effectively, and we can add features to that base any time you like. Features like community forums and blogs that enable your visitors to interact with you and each other, or web-based product catalogues and shopping baskets that allow you to sell your products or services direct to them. All of this comes via our tried and tested development process, detailed below.

Development Process

Here's an outline of how we handle the development process at Beecher Networks. Steps can be added for more complex projects or removed for smaller websites, but this is a good overview of how we'll approach the development. (more…)

Development Consultation

While we wish we could read minds and pluck the perfect website out of the cloud for our customers, unfortunately it's not that easy. Creating the right image and developing the right tools requires an insight into your requirements, and the deeper that insight is, the better the end product will be. (more…)

Software Maintenance & Backup

Whether your site was developed by us or another firm, we can maintain and backup your site for very affordable prices. The following prices are for WordPress and Magento installations, but we can also offer packages for Magento and most other web applications. (more…)

Web Applications

Beecher Networks can develop custom web applications for your website, or utilise freely available webapps like Magento and WordPress as a base for your requirements. Give us a call for a chat about what you need.

Recent Clients

Our most recent clients, and the ones we're most proud of.