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Development Consultation

While we wish we could read minds and pluck the perfect website out of the cloud for our customers, unfortunately it’s not that easy. Creating the right image and developing the right tools requires an insight into your requirements, and the deeper that insight is, the better the end product will be.

With that in mind, we’ve created this consultation to ask you a set of initial questions, which will save time and help us to focus when we meet in person or talk on the phone. Only your name and email address are required, but please answer as many questions as you can, and if you have any extra comments or questions, be sure to enter them at the end.

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    Your Details
    Sites In Your Market

    Please provide links and comments for sites in your field or market that you believe work well. If there are particular features or design elements that you like, please note them.

    Sites In Other Markets

    Similarly, please provide links and comments for sites in other fields or markets that you believe work well. Again, if there are particular features or design elements that you like, please note them.

    Site Features

    Every Beecher Networks development comes preinstalled in a Content Management System that allows you to manage your own website. However we can provide many other features. Some of the more popular features are listed below, please check those that interest you.

    If you have other requirements, you can let us know about those in Comments & Questions at the end.

    Other Services

    Will you be needing a domain name for your website, or would you like to transfer one in to us? Do you need hosting or colocation? Will your website need a secure SSL certificate? Do you have a complex email requirement? Please check all that apply.

    Company/Organisation Logo

    If you already have a company logo, please upload it here. A PNG, GIF or JPG is fine for the moment, but if you have an SVG, EPS or PSD vector image, all the better. Files up to 5 megabyte in size are fine.

    Comments & Questions

    Do you have any other comments about the site you'd like us to develop? Any features not mentioned earlier that you'd like to include? Any specific dislikes or things we should avoid? Any questions about our processes? Feedback about this consultation is welcome too!