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Development Process

Here’s an outline of how we handle the development process at Beecher Networks. Steps can be added for more complex projects or removed for smaller websites, but this is a good overview of how we’ll approach the development.

  1. Consultation – We’ll talk to you in person, on the phone or by email, to get an overview of what you’re looking for, including both the look and feel of the website, and the functionality it will offer.
  2. Advice – If software, hardware or other services are needed, we’ll explain what these are and how they will benefit you. If something is unrealistic or simply impossible, we’ll detail how and why.
  3. Specification – When you’re happy with the project outline, we’ll formalise it into a document we can all work from and refer to throughout the project.
  4. Identity – If a company identity is needed our graphic designer will consult with you on the details. If not, we’ll move straight to the next step.
  5. Mockups – Our graphic designer will create mockups of the website for you to check over. If any general layout elements need correcting, they will happen now.
  6. Slicing – At this point the mockups prepared by the designer will be sliced into HTML templates.
  7. Software – If your website has more than a few pages, it will be created in a Content Management System (CMS) such as MODx or WordPress by default, for your ease of use and our ease of development. At this point we will install and configure your CMS, and any other software your website will need, such as forums, an e-commerce facility, etc.
  8. Templating – The templates prepared in step 6 will now be applied to the CMS used on your website.
  9. Content – We’ll insert a base framework of content into the site for you.
  10. Training – Using the rest of your content as a tool, we will teach you how to use the Content Management System and any other software used on the website.
  11. Launch – We’ll advise you on the best day and time to launch, and we’ll be there to support you if anything goes wrong.
  12. Support – And of course we’re always here to help if you want to update the site or add new features!

As you can see, we have a comprehensive, tried and tested approach to development. Please get in touch today to start the process with the first step, a free consultation.