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Software Maintenance & Backup

Whether your site was developed by us or another firm, we can maintain and backup your site for very affordable prices. The following prices are for WordPress and Magento installations, but we can also offer packages for Magento and most other web applications.

WordPress Maintenance, including nightly core, plugin and theme updates and 1 hour of support to correct problems caused directly by these updates, is €65/year. Nightly offsite backups to a server in the UK or continental Europe, rotated daily for 7 days, are €55/year. Or we can bundle both for just €95/year.

Our offerings for Magento are the same, however Magento is a more complex application and it generally uses more space, so our prices are €85 for maintenance, €65 for backup, or €125 for both.

If you have complex or particularly large sites, or you would like us to support and backup another web application, please get in touch with the details. We can also provide offsite backup for your offices, or homes.