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Register An IE Domain Name

Beecher Networks has been an accredited IE registrar since 2003. IE is a managed registry with more specific requirements than the likes of COM or UK, so we go out of our way to walk our customers through the registration process — from the basics of picking a relevant and effective IE domain, to choosing the correct path to registration. See below for more information, or get started by checking availability.

Check Availability

Domain: .ie

Documentary Requirements

The IE domain registry requires documentation of a connection with Ireland for new IE registrations. Generally speaking the easiest and quickest way to process the application is with a Corporation Name or Registered Business Name relevant to the domain, in which case we just need the Corporation or RBN number. If an RBN number isn’t available, one can be registered online at the Companies Registration Office.

Failing that, an explanation of what the domain name will be used for, together with some form of brochure or even a letterhead, will usually suffice in the Discretionary Name category. In this case, we need a signed letter on headed notepaper outlining the usage, which can be sent to us by email or fax.

Many other categories exist, such as registrations for trademarks, schools, clubs, etc. (Also charities, which we provide free of charge.) Please review the document requirements if the above doesn’t suit your needs, or just get in touch with your situation and we’ll advise on the best route.


Beecher Networks is an accredited .IE Registrar

Get Your Fada!

Internationalised Domain Names (IDNs) are now available at the IE Domain Registry, and that means you can finally register domain names with a fada. IDNs are currently in Landrush, which in this case means that if you have any domain names that should have a fada but don't, you can pre-register these before IDNs go to the General Availability free-for-all on November 16. Landrush ends on November 2, so please get in touch today to order your fada-complete domain name.   Beecher Networks is an accredited .IE Registrar