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Get your .CO for €12.95

February 3, 2011

One of the largest domain registries will run an advert for .CO domain names during the Superbowl on Sunday the 6th of February, which is likely to lead to a big surge in registrations. To help you tie down your brands in .CO, we’re offering new registrations for just €12.95 from Sunday the 6th at 5am until Saturday the 12th at 5am.

.CO is being marketed as many things – short for “company”, “community”, “commerce”, etc, etc – but the big advantage in our view is just a little one: the letter “M”. That M is one less letter to remember, one less keystroke on the keyboard or mobile screen of your potential customers and users. With that in mind, we strongly recommend that you pick up a .CO registration this year for your primary brands, if not as your main domains, then defensively against the rush of registrations this weekend.

You can place an advance order immediately at the discounted price, and registrations will be submitted on Sunday as soon as the promotion opens. Enter your brand name below and click Go to check if it’s available in .CO. And yes, we will be up at 5am to process your requests. :)


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