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COV19 Support & Status

March 19, 2020

I’m sure you’re tired of the words “Coronavirus” and “COVID-19” at this stage so I’ll keep this short:

Help & Support with COV19

If you need help communicating with your customers, taking payments or working remotely, please let us know. We can set up simple solutions like site notices about closures or payments quickly and easily, or we can implement more complex requirements, such as:

  • Support / trouble ticketing
  • Newsletters / mailing lists
  • Simple payments or complete online stores, for any business
  • Chat and forums
  • Calendar and contact management
  • Document management, wikis, notes, etc

And those are just examples, there are thousands of online applications (see more examples) available to help run your business during this tough time, and they’re often less expensive to implement that you’d think. If you need help with something, just let us know by replying to this email.

Our Own Status

As you probably know, our business is based in the CIX data centre in Cork, but the vast majority of our work is web/vpn-based and we generally only need to be on site to meet with customers, or physically work on servers. For the moment, we’re restricting ourselves to just emergency visits, we won’t be meeting customers in person until at least the start of next month. Support tickets and email are still the best way to contact us, but if you’d prefer to talk on the phone or in a chat, just let us know and we’ll arrange it.

As ever, if you have any questions or comments, do let me know.

Adam Beecher