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Donban Contracting Redevelopment

June 25, 2013

Donban Contracting LogoBeecher Networks has been working with Donban Contracting for several years, having managed their domain portfolio and project hosting since 2010.

Donban contacted me recently to review an issue with their website, hosted elsewhere, and with their permission I immediately took the site offline as it had been exploited. Luckily it was a simple defacement and no actual harm had been done.

A holding page was put in place while I outlined options to Donban, and they allowed me to take over their domain name and web hosting to manage a quick return with a new site. I recommended WordPress with a commercial template, to avoid unecessary delays. I suggested several templates and they picked one quickly, and the site was back up and running with 100% new content within weeks.

WordPress and is now updated on their behalf when updates become available, and a daily backup of the site is kept just in case of other issues.

Donban Contracting

Donban Contracting